Thursday, January 16, 2020

Back ...maybe

It's been so long since I've posted in this blog I forgot how to do it. Life got complicated, then easy, then complicated again. I moved to Florida to a retirement community and loved it. Got so busy with new activities and friends I didn't sew much. I'm not in love with the sewing clubs here, though. Nice people, but after the Atlanta crowd it can't compete with the sheer amount of knowledge available and the amount of specialized subgroups that cater to your every taste. Then I foolishly offered to set up a Facebook page for them which was a lot more work than I bargained for, but ultimately is doing fine.

I'm still struggling with how to take pictures of my makes, so I will post the last two outfits I made for my granddaughter and she took the photos so I have no responsibility for them.

She's very picky about the fabric, it must be soft. This was made around Halloween and she wanted something very quirky. It's a "Nightmare Before Christmas" print I picked up at JoAnne's and a very soft knit, so it was a hit. Then I spent Christmas at my son's, with the children, and was able to get a closer idea of her taste. Because I live where it's 80 degrees in January I have no need for wool fabric, but some of what I had was too great to let go of, so it came south with me. My granddaughter lives in a very cold part of the country, so she will benefit from all that wool, eventually. 

I loved this border print and was always going to make a dress to go dancing in. But the other complication of my life ended up being a broken leg, hip replacement, month in a rehab center and more months at home recovering with NO it became another top for the granddaughter.