Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Serger

I've just received my early Christmas present, a Singer serger. Of course I started off by doing everything wrong, I have decided that's my favorite way to learn. Fortunately my husband, who purchased the serger for me, loves to tinker with machinery so I think we have it threaded again. I wanted to change from white thread to black or I never would have messed with the threads! By the time we set the serger up, rethreaded it, and sewed a couple of trial seams I was tired of the whole thing and shut it all down. This morning I am just playing on the computer. I only sew when there is something interesting on TV; I get my inspiration from all the wonderful blogs out there and check them almost every day. So I finally decided to set up my own blog. From the comments out there on the web, other sewers keep a record of what they sewed as well as some of the steps, so there is always a record in case they have forgotten how they assembled a garment! Great ideas out on the web now. I am so glad I have returned to sewing after so many years away. Of course my wonderful grandchildren will continue to be an inspiration to me.

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