Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Little Late for Christmas, but

A friend gave me this picture yesterday, it's Henry and I at one of the Christmas dances.  I'm wearing my Style Arc "Diana" skirt with TNT top, out of Fabric Mart embellished slinky.  It danced very nicely!  Henry says I look ten feet tall in this picture.  I think he's just being grumpy because he is actually 8 inches taller than I am....

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The weather, blah blah blah, the weather....

Weather in the Atlanta area is always a conversation starter.  I mean, isn't it everywhere?  But here, it's one of those places where you can say "just wait 15 minutes and it'll change".  Well, maybe not 15 minutes, but a couple of days, for sure.  Last week it was gloomy, rainy, cold.  Today it's in the 60's and I had a glorious morning playing tennis.  All this is leading up to blogging about my jacket.  It's not particularly new, but I never blogged about it before and my current garment is taking up loads of my time, so I wanted to assure myself that I have, indeed, finished something, even if it's in the remote past (well, a couple of months remote, anyway).  So here's the jacket:

which I was wearing over a sweater and indoors yesterday, while today I was in my shirtsleeves.  I'm kind of proud of the jacket because a) I like the fabric, which hearkens back to my New Mexico roots; and b) I drafted it myself.  And, I forgot, c) it's the perfect weight to wear over a sweater indoors.  

I also like how I finished the sleeves, very typical of how I often sew:  I didn't finish them at all.  So there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Projects Everywhere

So next month I'm going to be visiting my son as he recovers from a knee operation.  When I was there over Christmas, he trustingly presented me with a white dinner jacket to alter.  Hahahahaha.  But in a fit of semi-consciousness I agreed to at least take the hem up 8 inches, I absolutely hate to see men in jackets nearly to their knees.  I was in the midst of this delicate project (what, no chocolate?) when I suddenly, in the middle of the night, realized I am the speaker at my sewing club on "One Pattern, Many Looks" and I needed a really smashing look to wear as I stood up before my peers and presented one circle skirt/tee top combo after another.

I had purchased, some time ago, an absolutely stunning laser cut scuba knit from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I had no idea what to do with it, but my busy little subconscious put my two dilemmas together and came up with my TNT pattern using this knit.  Of course since my talk is before I  travel to my son's, it must come first.  So the jacket hangs, unfinished and staring me in the eye while I struggle for  the first time to layer two knits together.  Not as easy as I had envisioned it!  The darts were hard to mark in the very holey fabric of the scuba, so I eyeballed them...not a good idea, as the underlying darts don't match up.  I am, as usual, consoling myself that if anyone gets close enough to notice this, they are just asking for a poke in the eye.

The forlorn jacket

crazy scuba knit on the cutting table

The underlying knit is called "liquid silver".  Of course those darts match up, exactly.  What's wrong with your eyes?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Roundup

I decided to succumb to the urge to refresh my memory of the hits and misses of 2014.  Some things are best forgotten!  But sometimes it's a good thing to remind yourself that you did accomplish some pretty good stuff during the year.  I might not be the greatest seamstress in the world---or even the neighborhood!  But I have improved and it doesn't hurt to remember that.

So, the best of the year:

I have to say I've worn this over and over, in fact I wore it today.  I play tennis all year round and this is very comfortable when it's about 40F.  Following closely upon this warmup suit are two others that I made, which work well for various temperatures.  I'm proud to be the owner of unique tennis clothing that my fellow teammates admire.

You might notice a theme here.  Once I like a pattern, it gets made over and over.  For example, another hobby of mine is dancing:

and then there's the everyday looks:

This last one may be a miss.  We'll see if I wear it this spring.  And then, a couple of misses (there were more, but I don't want to be reminded).

But perhaps it's good to revisit that bold cotton prints, as much as I love them, don't do anything for me.  All in all I made 18 garments in 2014, which I consider a respectable number!  ETA:  I just found Crafting A Rainbow's blog about posting your "top 5" and I'll link to that, even though I think I did the "top 7".  I never was good at following instructions...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Wearing the lace top

I decided that a hanger shot was not enough to remember my mistakes on this first muslin, so decided to wear it today to our weekly dance.  The side view shows my problem with the lace stretching.  How to know if lace is "stretchy" or not?  I guess it's good that I have four more cuts of lace to experiment on.  And how hard would it be to open the envelope of my Vogue pattern to read the directions?  Duh.

Doesn't look too bad with this stance, but:

after wearing it awhile I have a real problem.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Muslin in Lace

This is just a hanger shot of my first lace top.  I used my TNT pattern for knits, which worked well as this lace is stretch, and just sort of winged it with the attached lining.   The long sleeves are hanging so closely to the bodice in the picture that the top looks more boxy than it really is, but it's still not body conscious enough.  And I'm going to have a problem with the neckline.  For this one I just handsewed a scrap of JoAnn's lace trim around the edge. I do have a "muslin lace" available which has a distinct design, and I will try to figure out how to incorporate that around the neckline and the hem.  The expensive lace I purchased has appliqued flowers with hand beading, and I am sure I can cut those out to arrange around the neckline.  The question would then be: too much?  Meanwhile I am also shortening a formal men's jacket.  Believe me I would not do this for anyone else but my son.  And it's white, so I am terrified I will get makeup or something on it.  Oh, well, what's sewing without a little terror?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Periwinkle Scuba Knit

Here's yet another of my CJ tee/Style Arc Diana skirt combos that I use for dancing.  Hey, I see these same people at least 40 times a year and I like the style, what can I say?  I got a lot of compliments on the color and I added the crystal applique, so it looks a little different...

This makes 17 garments in 2014.