Monday, October 20, 2014

More about tennis

After all, the tagline to my blog is "not necessarily sewing..." isn't it?  So I thought I'd post a little about my tennis life.  This blog is kind of an online diary, anyway, and tennis has been very prominent in my current life.  One of the reasons I sew my tennis clothes is to sew for my lifestyle!

So the big news today is:  We're going to the playoffs!  We've been moved up the ladder to C-5!  Now I know this is a big, big yawn for most, but it's a big, big deal for me, lol.  I have been captain of the team for 2 seasons and have managed to move the team up three levels and go to the playoffs.  This has not been accomplished by any other captain of our team.  Actually I'm not necessarily patting myself on the back, because we have wonderful players on the team.  But it is my responsibility to pair the partners, to keep them motivated, to balance the personalities of 15 or so adult women (who should know better), and, in my case, get rid of some deadwood and add a couple of potential winning players.  So, I am happy.  But exhausted.  Naturally this is also the weekend for our sewing club's big annual meeting, where I have to model a garment I made.  I have been storing the donated fabric that will be sold at the meeting, so tons of people will be coming to my house to pick it up.  All day tomorrow will be devoted to the meeting.  All day Sunday will be devoted to making a meal for a sick friend and setting up the teams for Tuesday's match.  Monday the meal will be delivered, we have a dance scheduled, and then Tuesday we play in the playoff match.  Who said retirement was easy?

Boy do I want this fabric!

I am a compulsive blog reader, and it gets me into trouble all the time.  So many wonderful "makes" and such great fabric everywhere.  I read the Mood Society Blog and today they featured the most amazing fabric from Carolina Herrera.  I want it SO BAD.  Never mind that two days ago I spent a fortune on some gorgeous satin matellase that I plan to use for a jacket, perhaps for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner, and today purchased crepe backed satin for matching pants.  No, I want this fabric, even though it would bust the budget.  I just have to find a good reason to wear something made up in it; some pattern to use; the time and expertise to justify such wonderful stuff...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finally, something to wear (and post).

I'm still having some trouble posting to Blogger, but at least I have finally finished a garment.  It seems like it took me forever.  I've made this same outfit twice before with little trouble, but this time a lot seemed to go wrong.  I did finish it, however, and from the look of the leaves on the patio, not a moment too soon!  I use the Style Arc Sunday Zip Jacket pattern.  I was rushing off to a tennis match and didn't take the time for closeups of the details, but I like the trim I have on the cuffs and hood.  Later next year I am scheduled to speak to one of my sewing clubs on "One Pattern, Many Looks".  I feel I am qualified to do so since I make the same outfit many times, and no one seems to notice. (Can you tell I play a LOT of tennis?)

Here it is again:
and again:

I do think it's time for me to venture out a little next time, though!   Maybe Style Arc's Steffi Jacket?

Monday, September 22, 2014

What's going on with my Chrome/Blogger account?

I'm getting a lot of nasty popups on Blogger.  I've heard a lot of complaints in the past, with people moving to WordPress and other hosting sites, and I may well do the same.

Beyond griping about Blogger, I really haven't been blogging much anyway.  I am doing a little sewing, but nothing too exciting.  New fabric came in from Fabric Mart and I cut into it right away, I am such a magpie.  I had several other ideas on the cutting table but could not resist a navy/white striped knit.  I've seen so many really cute versions of the Lady Skater dress done up in stripes that I thought I could hack my own (I hate PDF patterns).  Here's the pattern:

It's really just a simple scoop neck top attached to a skirt.  Easy...or so I thought.  My old nemesis, losing a TNT pattern, cropped up again so I had to start from scratch.  No problem:  circle skirt.  Hmmm, now don't those stripes look a little wonky on a circle skirt.  Now to hang the skirt overnight so that it will be easier to hem, and start on that scoop neck tee shirt top.  Oh right, and where is THAT pattern?  Under all those piles of fabric?  Too much trouble, let's try another one straight out of the Kwik Sew envelope I have right here on my bookshelf.  Meanwhile, let's do get a little more organized with the pattern thing, huh?  And so it goes.  I was doing all this watching a rerun of Season Ten of Project Runway (gotta love Roku) and they "auffed" a lady who could not manage her time.  I felt her pain.  But in another couple of days (to make four days total) I hope to be able to show you a very simple little version of the Lady Skater.  No Project Runway contests for me, that's for sure.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Frog Princess

Well I said I was going to do it, and I powered through it.  Whew, I really don't like this outfit, I am wearing it to the dentist today as I can't think of anywhere else it would be appropriate.  They might as well be in pain, too.  However, I did get to try out my princess bodice (not quite right yet) and the scoop neck (also not quite right), and I threw in a longer back, just because, ya know.  Some of my "art to wear" friends get away with it.  Not so much me, though.  I also am trying to highlight my John Lennon bell bottoms with *matching* trim...I am such a fashionista.  I often think I would be the first to be "auffed" if I ever got on Project Runway...

The good news is, once I got this out of the way I sewed up a quick pair of pants to go with a really, really cute jacket I found at the thrift store for $5.  Instant warm-up suit for tennis, and the days are getting is 87 today...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sequins and Sleeves

Oh, how I wish I had Rhonda Buss looking over my shoulder.  She's the expert on sleeves.  I have just about perfected the fit of a new princess seamed bodice and am choosing to add sleeves, which I had to, draft.  I finally got something to fit, but they are elbow length and how should I put it?  Ugly.  As is this material, which is bright spring green with sequins.  I not only purchased this material but have matching stretch bottomweight for pants (fortunately no sequins).  Which I will finish, since I am bound and determined to wear me-made stuff to my sewing club.  Even if it's in the middle of September I will look like the breath of Spring, or a frog.  But it will be me-made.  And I have taken out every one of the sequins in the multiple seam allowances, except, of course, for the one that will make me miserable throughout the entire meeting.  Smile!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Hallway of Doom

In all my years of renovating houses, I rarely took before and after pictures.  I don't even remember clearly how many houses I've worked on, but only one house was new...the then husband revolted.  Like sewing, renovating an old house is a creative and satisfying endeavor, and like sewing, takes a lot of patience and skill.  Mostly though, it takes vision.  You have to see how a fabric can become a dress, and you have to see what a house would look like if you take down a few walls and repainted.

So anyway, I've tried to mend my ways.  Although I'm 3/4 of the way through with renovations on the current house, I'm taking pictures.  I took several of the master bath remodel, and now I'm doing a very minor job on the nasty basement hallway.  It will take some time, though.  Other things are interfering, like old age creaks, budget, and more fun things to do.  Tennis tomorrow, so nothing doing downstairs for sure.


                                               A tiny bit of progress