Saturday, June 9, 2018

Goodness, what a hiatus!  It's been almost two years and of course life has intervened in my interest in a sewing blog of any kind. I have sold my house, moved to Florida, and started a while new life -which necessitates a whole new wardrobe. Hence the startup of my old blog.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures since in the move I lost my camera, I'm sure it's around somewhere. I might try to use my phone, but don't think it will take very good pictures. That's all right since my sewing hasn't improved much either!  Mostly I'm making shorts and tops. Being a sewer, you just know that has to be more interesting than "just" a pair of shorts and top.  So far I've made a couple of outfits using Style Arc's "Daisy" tunic, shortened to wear with Bermuda length shorts.

I've also lengthened it to dress length. That one I made in polyester and quickly realized polyester is no longer part of my life here in Florida, but the practice was worth it and I'll sew it again in linen. It's a great pattern, no zippers, buttons or closures. The shoulders and bust darts are perfect for my body structure. Thanks, Chloe!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back for just a moment...

Occasionally, just for fun, I revisit my blog just to get to the list of other sewing blogs that I love to read.  And yes, I have been sewing this past year, but somehow it was "meh" to blog about it.  My son was remarried last November, and the run up in sewing hysteria reached such a summit that I lost all interest for awhile.  The wedding turned out perfect, of course, and I was happy with most of the outfits I made for it.  I was determined to make every single outfit I wore for each of the five events that the wedding comprised...yes, it was a first time bride :).

My other obsession has been renovating my house, a long term interest which actually was a source of income for me during my single parent days.  I have to assume that creative is creative, and most sewers like to either decorate or otherwise attend to their homes.  I probably go a little (make that a lot) further than most, however, as it is my distinct pleasure to tear out walls.  My most recent wall tear-down was in the kitchen.  Here's the before:

And here's the "after".  More to come, of course. It will be under construction until it goes on the market.  Some things never change.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Virtue of Stash

I wear turtlenecks.  A lot.  Some sartorial decisions are set in one's teens, I guess.  I've been told I should not wear turtlenecks (thanks, Cynthia Guffey!) because I don't have a swan-like neck, but I ignore advice and continue to wear them.  Usually I buy RTW, but lately I am reluctant to spent over $50 on a basic black turtleneck shirt.  So I went stash diving and made myself not only a black, but a red turtleneck and have plans for a couple in white.  No pictures, of course, how boring is a basic turtleneck shirt?  But really all this is for a reason.  I am ducking hemming my son's white jacket.  Well, my old cat is sequestered in the sewing room and she wants up in my lap so of course her needs come first....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scuba knit outfit completed

As part of the Make A Garment A Month group  I was pushed to photograph this before the end of January, even though I had finished it about a week earlier.  Do you sew things you have no place to wear?  I took the opportunity to wear this to a sewing club meeting.  A little overdressed, but hey, I wore something I sewed myself.  I think, considering the unusual fabric, I made a pretty good choice in patterns.  But I would like to think of something really different to use the approximately one yard I have left.  Sleeves?  Skirt hem?  Ideas are welcome!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Little Late for Christmas, but

A friend gave me this picture yesterday, it's Henry and I at one of the Christmas dances.  I'm wearing my Style Arc "Diana" skirt with TNT top, out of Fabric Mart embellished slinky.  It danced very nicely!  Henry says I look ten feet tall in this picture.  I think he's just being grumpy because he is actually 8 inches taller than I am....

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The weather, blah blah blah, the weather....

Weather in the Atlanta area is always a conversation starter.  I mean, isn't it everywhere?  But here, it's one of those places where you can say "just wait 15 minutes and it'll change".  Well, maybe not 15 minutes, but a couple of days, for sure.  Last week it was gloomy, rainy, cold.  Today it's in the 60's and I had a glorious morning playing tennis.  All this is leading up to blogging about my jacket.  It's not particularly new, but I never blogged about it before and my current garment is taking up loads of my time, so I wanted to assure myself that I have, indeed, finished something, even if it's in the remote past (well, a couple of months remote, anyway).  So here's the jacket:

which I was wearing over a sweater and indoors yesterday, while today I was in my shirtsleeves.  I'm kind of proud of the jacket because a) I like the fabric, which hearkens back to my New Mexico roots; and b) I drafted it myself.  And, I forgot, c) it's the perfect weight to wear over a sweater indoors.  

I also like how I finished the sleeves, very typical of how I often sew:  I didn't finish them at all.  So there.