Saturday, October 13, 2018

Still no pictures as my cell phone takes crap pictures and I can't find my actual camera, nine months after our move. But I have been sewing quite a lot. Our move to Florida meant lots of linen and cotton, and the area I live in calls for shorts/shirt combos no matter where you go. So I took my serger down to be serviced and have used it for several outfits. But my neighbor, a professional seamstress, broke her serger and I have loaned her mine. Since fall is "officially" here (90 degrees today) I have to assume knits will be back at some point and I don't need a serger for that.

Henry had emergency surgery over a month ago. Like almost all men, he has whined ever since as if he lost both legs. We're dancers, and a lot of my sewing is directed to clothes I can wear to dances, as there are two or three every week here. But of course we have been absolutely nowhere for the last six weeks or so except I coax him out to the grocery store occasionally. However!  There's a big dance coming up in November for which I am cutting out a floor length gown as we speak. Ironically, I gave away all my formal gowns before we left Atlanta. I was convinced that moving to such a leisurely retirement town I would have no use for such a garment. I was wrong, so that's now my focus...

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