Friday, June 22, 2018

Style Arc

Still working on trying to get pictures onto my computer. My son and grandkids are coming in a couple of weeks...after that I might be a little more literate with tech (maybe).

Meanwhile, I've made a couple of things using old standby Style Arc patterns and new patterns from the same source. With my usual lack of attention I ordered three new Style Arc patterns through Amazon without double checking the sizes. So I got two of them in large sizes. Too lazy to return them, I decided I know enough to grade them down. So far, not bad:

The Rosie top was mistakenly ordered in size 18-30 (I wear 10-12, lol). But I cut it at the smallest offered and then sewed HUGE seams. Next muslin will be tweaked a little and photos soon, I promise. Here's the work in progress with my poor cell phone skills.

Meanwhile, I also got my serger serviced and after years of non-use, I have promised myself I will  master it. Now that I live in Florida, I need lots of cotton and linen clothes, so serged seams are a must.  Speaking of Florida, here's a cell phone shot of a golf cart ride I took yesterday, near my home.  

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