Monday, December 18, 2006

Week Before Christmas

I am finding it hard to believe it's the week before Christmas. The weather here is just like April. However, I must get down to business and start cleaning the house: DS and family will be arriving via train (sleeping compartments, dinner and the whole shebang for the kids, yeaaa!). They are staying with his father (DH here smokes) but I am taking them to Callaway Gardens for our traditional overnight stay, trolley through the lighted gardens, etc. on Saturday, then Christmas Day they will come for lunch, presents, etc. I haven't even cut out the princess costume for DGD...but I did make out my grocery shopping list. I have to finish the new Greg Isles' book (up till 3 am last night, talk about a page-turner) before I do anything, of course, and I do want to get to the swimming pool. Haven't gone in two weeks, and I love that place, it's so relaxing. Posting a humiliating picture of the finished corduroy outfit, but the wonderful ladies at Stitcher's Guild made the suggestion that I just use the jacket. I bought a great new pair of jeans, so that's how the jacket will be worn in the future.

Marji, thanks for your kind comment regarding the lighted Christmas village set. It's kind of a funny story. I found the whole set at Sam's Club and liked it because it has the new laser (?) changing lights and loved the cathedral. I bought it for my DIL but she said she had no room for it and gave it back. When I cleared my bookshelves out for it at Christmas she was annoyed because she had not thought of doing that herself, but too bad! I have it now, she can get it in a few years!

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ptm said...

Which Greg Isles' book? I could use a real page turner for the 15 hour train ride, that I am sure your grandkids will not sleep through at all!