Saturday, February 3, 2007

Back Home

After two weeks at my sister's home, I am finally back in town. I slept on the couch for two hours today. I have terrible jet lag problems, even though she is only one hour time difference from me. But I'm feeling fine now and while I was gone my order arrived from Fashion Fabrics! The plain fabric doesn't quite match the print, which is a medley of blues. Oh, well I will use it anyway as the outfit will just be a lounging pajama. Speaking of which I arrived at my sister's with two of those as I was going to be there so long. She informed me she practically lived in the one pair I sent her, so I immediately gave her my dark green set and kept the (heavier) grey fleece. She seems to be recuperating very well, but of course it is difficult to keep her down. In fact, the first few days she felt so well she was up and about but then paid for it. I think she can do one event (lunch, or visit, etc.) one day, rest the next, etc. Really, the first couple of days she was home it was a madhouse so she could not rest. Her cell and her house phones were both ringing off the hook and we had so much food we had to send some to her daughter's freezer as there was no room left.

Anyway, it was well I packed two bulky lounging pajama sets and took the biggest suitcase I own, because I ended up leaving both sets with her and thus freed up some space for all the clothes I returned with. I was allowed free rein on anything in her resale store and the spring outfits had just arrived. I could hardly close the zippers on two suitcases. I got some gorgeous sweaters. One, from Talbots, has paisley embellishment in golds and reds on a black background. It was $8.00 at 75% discount from winter season. You could not purchase the knit for that. She also gave me four yards of a very expensive wool in white and four yards in black from her stash. All of this, plus two weeks of various lunches, etc. and I was not allowed to spend a penny. She says this is because I came out to help take care of her, but I know better. She would do the same if she were perfectly healthy.

The bad news is, while I was in Texas my DH went the round of MRI, CAT scan, etc., and the prediction is that he has lung cancer. (Of course he smokes.) However, since he doesn't read this, I can say that he is such a hypochondriac that I am hopeful this is just a load of bull and the X-ray technician just had a thumb on the X-ray rather than a spot from the lung! DH is "glass if half empty" guy and I am "glass is three-quarters full" gal. However, this has solved my "horns of a dilemma" regarding where I put the investment from the sale of my rental house. Not in my son's hometown, but here at my home where I can stay close by. I really don't like the market here - 93,000 unsold homes at last count! But if I don't invest it I will spend it and then have nothing to show for it. (I've been down that route way too many times before.) So, only time will tell....

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