Thursday, February 8, 2007

Up n Down

I crashed today...another day not out of the lounging pj's. I swear it might have been a mistake to make these things, they are comfortable but not so obviously "pj" that I actually ran out to CVS in them (with a coat over). I NEVER do such a thing. Which brings me to the "down" part, the crashing thing. I am either coming down with ANOTHER cold or I am depressed or there is something wrong with my house. (I just read that the current thinking is to seal one's crawl space rather than having the breeze blow through it - I can't believe that is healthy.) It's true that I have been on a nonstop roller coaster going to my sister's to help with her cancer operation and returning to deal with the husband's probable cancer, then selling and closing the rental house. It closed yesterday, I ran to the bank to get a cashier's check to put in an offer on the cute house I found to redo. Called the other agent and it's already under contract! That was it, I lost heart. Had a go-round with my partner Harry, who has a scheme to invest in a lease purchase deal some bank has thought up. One can make 10% on your money in two years, no less. Hello, that's five percent per year and if the "purchase" part of the lease/purchase falls through - as it usually does - you are left with an overpriced trashed house. No, thanks. Unfortunately, where I want to buy (location is everything, of course) things are getting out of control. A fixxer is $175,000. The one I lost was $127, so it really WAS a deal. I think that's the whole crate of stuff that just finally crashed down on me and I said this morning, "That's it, I am not getting out of the house today." So there! But the UFOs in the sewing room are calling, and my new fabric is just hanging on the rail waiting to be introduced to my sewing room...guilt, guilt.

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