Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why does sitting in doctors' office make one so tired? I have just been the rounds of sitting in various offices for the past two days. DH has something - probably something bad - wrong. This is not big news as he has been complaining of an ailment for four years. Finally, however, something ominious has shown up on a CAT scan. At least we are on the trail of the thing...cancer...but what kind? Day before yesterday I was convinced it was mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer) but yesterday the thoracic surgeon seemed to disagree with the pulmonologist. So now it's a PET scan, then a biopsy...DH made me stop on the way home for a bottle of booze and a pack of cigarettes! He is so stressed it didn't even bother me a bit. Then we went off to dinner. He perked up a bit after he ate, but he still doesn't get the relationship between being fed and being in a better mood. Today I am just fixing snacks and putting them in front of him - he eats them! Of course it doesn't help that there is little that I like to eat that he will eat. And I'm so tired today I certainly didn't want to get out to the grocery store to find things for him. In fact, it's another day of reading in my pj's. Tomorrow I get a haircut so I have to get dressed...and Trader Joe's is open! Yes! I'll stop there for inspiration...and it's in the same shopping center as Hancock Fabrics, won't be able to resist that even though I have enough fabric for a year's worth of sewing. Next week I take a serger class...maybe then I will understand the darn thing.

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