Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy to Be Home Again

Back from the hospital yesterday, and so glad to be home! DH woke me on Thursday morning to say I needed to drive him there. In the emergency room they clocked his O2 level at 74. He has pneumonia - and in the "good" lung. After hanging around the emergency room until 2:30, they opened up a room in the oncology department and moved him in. I have heard a few negative comments about this hospital, but we were impressed. He was covered over with help. Two nurses, an aide, and various "techs" swarmed in and out the room all day, as well as two of his doctors. The "horns of a dilemma" has been solved, I think. Although we have access to a famous teaching hospital downtown, our local hospital rose to the challenge this week. As we were driving to the emergency room, I remarked "at least we don't have to face the downtown commuter traffic". The irony of it all is, he pushed so hard to be allowed to leave yesterday so we could go to church this Easter. And then, neither of us felt well enough to actually go. I am worn out by simply spending 14 hour days at the hospital, and he still has the pnuemonia - although well enough for home care.

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