Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Sewing

I have done a little sewing, for the grandkids. But mostly I have been busy with trying to keep it all together - all those balls in the air. DH to the doctor's twice a week, trying to take the weekend at the boat, doesn't leave me time to work on the flip house. And that's a snarl. I find my partner really doesn't know how to do what I assumed he knew how to do: simple electric, carpentry, plumbing. But worst of all, we have had a misunderstanding regarding scheduling the people who do know how to do these things. The partner wants cheap; I want good PLUS available ASAP. Therefore he will spend three or four days trying to save $100 on an electrician. The cost of carrying the house for those three or four days is more than $100; then the guy doesn't show up anyway and we start over. I don't need this additional frustration with DH in the condition he's in. I seem to plan for the best and DON'T consider the worst possible, which is about where I am now.

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