Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Rainy Day in Georgia

What fun for us as I believe our drought has been beaten back a little by almost 3 days of constant rain. It is wonderful to see and hear. I have also used it as an excuse to snuggle up at home. I've just had a warm shower and am in my microfleece pj's that I made a week or so ago. I really need to make more of them, they are so soft and cuddly! Otherwise, very little to report. Harold is at the boat with his projects and I am (believe it or not) just finishing up wrapping Christmas presents for the grandkids. I'll mail them on the 2nd. They would not have been home to receive them so I had a reprieve and could wait until after the rush of Christmas to wrap and mail. On the news: the economic reports are not looking so well regarding holiday spending. We may be headed for a recession and here I am holding on to that flip house. Oh well! Things usually turn out for the best with me and I hope that my luck will hold on it as well.

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