Thursday, December 13, 2007

Slowly sewing

I am getting back to my sewing, in my usual lackadaisical way. Of course I have no pictures to post. I am doing a TNT Sandra Betzina jacket out of a grey wool tweed and meanwhile, I stopped to make an embellished pullover top. Why stop? Well, this coming Monday I have our annual gift exchange luncheon with the girls. I was of two minds what to bring as a gift. At last year's luncheon my home sewn gift was the hit of the party and everyone fought over it. So I am challenged this year to make one even better. The problem is the price range: $10-$20 and the fact that the girls are all different sizes. So I bought a $10 hoodey sweatshirt at Wallgreen's drugstore and ironed on a sparkly wreath from my supplier at the Apparel Mart: total cost, $17.00 and at a size large should fit everyone. Then I had to go by Joanne fabrics, where I found an embellished fleece that is pretty jazzy. I had the idea to make my TNT long sleeved tee (cut slightly larger due to the fabric). Whichever one ends up being prettier gets taken to lunch. Now if I could just remember to take the camera down to the sewing room, I would take pictures. However, if I do that I won't remember to bring it back up for the Saturday night party at our house. So I need to at least put the camera OUT where I can see it, lol.

Meanwhile, last week I finished a pair of TNT pullup pants in a brussels washer fabric. I had heard of this fabric but was unsure (and still am) of the content. I picked the fabric up last summer in Asheville. It's a strange combo of grey and brown but I am pretty sure, seen in the sunlight, that it's mostly brown. The pants are very, very comfortable and achieve my goal of looking nice when just wearing them around the house. I wear them with my TNT long sleeved pink tee and feel proud that my wardrobe is becoming, once again, mostly home sewn. I'll soon see what the "washer" part of the label means, because they will be going into the washing machine very soon.

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