Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Always In Style"

I found this little book on Amazon and it came in the other day. By Doris Pooser, and published in 1997, I found it so relevant. The very first "ah ha!" moment came when I read her advice regarding jacket lines. With a "curvey" body, jackets should have soft curves rather than boxy ones. As I was just in the middle of sewing a Chanel-type jacket (the design, not the finishing details) I took it apart and drafted a curve along the front hemlines and the neckline. I had the instinctive thought that something was wrong with the type of jackets I have been wearing and I believe that I'm on the right track now. I am looking forward to delving more deeply into this book and hope it will keep me on the right track. I have been faithfully following a personal goal of mine: to get up, stretch, and be dressed before I start anything else. With Harold sick and in pj's most of the time it is easy to just stay in a warm up suit or even pj's myself, especially in cold weather. But just because it is easy doesn't make it right or very appealing. So my goal is to get, and keep, personal style every day even if only for myself.

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