Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stash? What stash?

Yesterday I met some girlfriends for lunch at Red Lobster. Unfortunately, that is located near the JoAnn's fabric store. So of course I left an hour early for the lunchdate in order to spend some time at JoAnn's. I told myself I needed some buttons. So, $60 later, I did get some buttons but also (of course) more cute fabric. I am sewing, I promise! Tonight I made some pull on pants of the leftover grey fleece from the jacket. It will make a cozy outfit for the beach house family reunion next month. Meanwhile, Harold came down and attempted to make some sense out of the way everything is stacked around the room. He asked me the quite normal question any husband would ask: "Why don't you sew up all this fabric before you buy any more?" Well, really, they just don't understand, bless their little hearts.

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