Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vogue 8043 in Fleece

I finally found my camera in the pocket behind the front seat of my car. Alzheimer's strikes again...I must have put it there myself. Harold has suggested I get tested at Emory for pre-Alzheimer's! I think he was serious...anyway, here is the fleece version. I am moderately happy with it as the major problem I have now is how to get the wrinkles out of fleece, since it can't be ironed; I tried steaming it (briefly). I have to wash it anyhow to get the buttonhole marks out and I hope that, if I take it out of the dryer immediately, the jacket will have lost the wrinkles. I had to take about 2 inches out of the front and shorten it two inches in the hem. Otherwise, the fit is good.

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