Friday, May 9, 2008

Best Laid Plans..

I just returned from another visit to Nashville. Really, it's such a pretty city! But no, I ostensibly went to visit my son again, who is back on business. This time he was staying at the Opryland Hotel and dangled that as a carrot for me to make the 4-hour drive up. But what he doesn't know was Textile Fabrics was calling my name. Last week I couldn't find it, so this week I printed out a Streets and Trips map for me to find my way. Unfortunately, not being too bright, I didn't include the actual street number. Well, after driving the entire length of Franklin Road I did finally spot the place, only minutes before they closed. However, with my trusty sense of direction, I left the hotel this morning and found it again, after using only 1//4 tank of gas (roughly $25, gas went up again overnight). Textile Fabrics is now officially my favorite fabric store ever. I hesitate to admit I don't think much of Gail K's, the official "wow" fabric store left in Atlanta. TF is beautifully organized, well lit, and the salesladies leave you alone. It is not the crowded, hot mess that Gail K's is. Plus the fabrics are to drool over. Not to mention I had the most expensive dinner I've ever paid for by myself, since I decided to take Dear Son out for steaks in the Opryland Hotel...could not bring myself to get back in the car again. What a meal, though! We sat on a terrace overlooking the gigantic indoor greenhouse that makes up the centerpiece of this hotel. We were in the area called "The Cascades" for the waterfalls and fountains that are everywhere. The food matched the ambiance, so the evening was delightful.

But the "best laid plans" of the title refers to my plan of sewing a capsule wardrobe of ice cream colors. Instead I found a lovely pairing of dark berry colored poly/linen for the pants and 2 styles of cotton for tops. Neither cotton is printed, one is embellished with little flowers and sequins (must not forget the bling) and the other is scrolled with ribbons. I was thinking of "Berry Breezy" for the title of the wardrobe capsule. Pretty awful, huh? Pictures much much later. When I finally actually sew these garments.


Lisa Laree said...

Textile Fabrics is just a treat!

And the Opryland Hotel is amazing. We took our jr. high girls Bible study class up last year; none of them had ever been there and the reaction they had when they realized that atrium was INDOORS was priceless!!

I'm actually going up to TF tomorrow; got my fingers crossed they've still got 5/8 yard of that stripe dupioni I bought last year...

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.