Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Sewing Room

Over at Stitcher's Guild some people are posting pictures of their sewing rooms, so I thought I would take a picture of mine. I am not proud of this space. The junk in the window and a lot of it on the desk where the serger is, belongs to DH. Of course, to me it's junk, to him, treasure. And the space was his to begin with until I nudged and nudged and now own most of it. Still, if I had my druthers, the space would be a lot cleaner (literally). But I do count myself lucky; so many bloggers on the site sew in their kitchen, on the dining room table, etc. and I can just walk out and leave everything as is when I am tired of it all. The unfinished upholstry jacket and fabric for pants are on the mannequin. I've bagged that until July. I leave the day after tomorrow and it will be a miracle if I get the pink pants made to go with my knit top!
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laurie said...

I love your sewing room as it it has alot of space and it is bright and you have space for a dress form and other things. It looks organized to me. I wish had a room like yours. My husband converted the den of our manufactured home to my sewing rooma and there is not alot or room to move around it with a cutting table against one wall and my sewing machines against another. I have all my fabric in the little room in a closet and can't close it as the containers are in front of the doors. When I want to get at the fabric, I have to move the containers to get out what I want and then move it back so I can sew.