Monday, May 5, 2008

Wardrobe Contest

Well, I've finally joined in my first wardrobe contest. It's one small step, one giant leap for me! This is called a "Capsule Contest" because, unlike the SWAP (sewing with a plan) contests, it is a mere four garments. Three of these must be completed in June, plus one accessory. One piece may be purchased. The twist is, no black allowed, not even in a print! This would be hard to pull off in the winter, but easy for summer. Whoo hoo, I am going to have fun planning. Not so much fun photographing. I just looked up the cost of Photoshop, I don't think so. $500 is a little too much right now. On the other hand, still on my spending spree, I have just gotten in my first online order for shoes. From Zappos. I love them.

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