Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sewing Lessons

I'm taking some sewing lessons for the first time in half a century. We're making a blouse sloper. I think it's going to be fun, but I am suspicious because I've already cut out a muslin and the other pupils are still marking their patterns...
I chose the Peggy Sager's Classic Blouse to start with. One of the girls is using a very complicated Burda pattern with pleats, ruching and a front tie. No doubt it will be a spectacular blouse. But I wanted exactly what Peggy Sagers named her blouse: classic. I am going for the fit of the thing. It seems like when I get a TNT pattern I sew it to death. Beyond which, of course, ruching and pleats just won't look good on my body. I am really quite excited by the prospect of having a good fitting blouse pattern. I already have pants, tee, and jacket patterns so it looks like my wardrobe will be endless repetitions of the above. While I was waiting for an appointment the other day I listed outfits to be made of stash fabric I already have: 19. And that's just what I remembered having. Guess I'd better get to work!

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Cherokee.Sunshine said...

I remember meeting her 25 years ago at a FL Sewing Expo. She is so funny in person. I still have her books and I bought some software for pattern drafting. You can bet that is lost now!!! I'm proud of your accomplishments. If you are that far ahead in class, I wonder if you will learn anything new? Sometimes just sewing in a group is enough to get your creative juices flowing.