Friday, September 19, 2008


What is life without good girlfriends? Boring, that's what! Just this week: on Tuesday I met some girlfriends for dinner at a local cafe, and they brought along two of their girlfriends, whom I had not met. We ended up at one of the girl's house for cards and laughter. So I now have two new girlfriends. Thursday night I met with my regular group for dinner, and back to Pat's house for a haircutting session. Yes, I have a girlfriend whose passion it is to cut hair! And she's good at it, too. The Thursday group tries to meet at a different restaurant each week. This week was my first try at Malaysian food, and it was delicious. Then today, Friday, I took my regular canasta group down to the Apparel Mart and spent the day there, going out to lunch with them. We managed to walk over four miles on just one floor of the Mart! Coming home, Harold announced he wanted to go out to dinner. I think he feels I am not spending enough time at home; I wonder why. While at dinner, I received a call from girlfriend Lisa; we're both invited over for cards and dinner tomorrow. What would I do without my girlfriends!

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