Thursday, October 16, 2008

SWAP 2009 Rules

In case I lose the rules on the Artisan's Square thread, I am posting the 2009 SWAP rules for myself. I am not sure I will participate this year (as usual). The eleven garment rule is no problem; what IS a problem is how they all have to coordinate together. One jacket blending with four bottoms and five tops gives me pause. However, that really IS the purpose of the SWAP; to engage one's creativity in a productive, useful way. So, without further ado, the rules:

No purchase neccesary anywhere; this contest is open to anyone with a needle and thread, regardless of budget or availability of items. Just start a thread here to announce your intention to participate as a contestant or to sew along, and tell us about your progress. Please keep a copy of all images you upload on your hard drive in case SG's server fails or something is accidentally deleted. After the contest, the top three winner's images will be archived and displayed for the full year. Everyone who finishes is a winner. However, the official winners will be given the option of displaying a ribbon on their profiles for a full year. Each SWAP must consist of 11 garments, which all work together to form a basic wardrobe. All garments must be handmade. You may knit, crochet or weave if you please, but they must be your own creations. The garments are: 4 bottoms - jeans, pants, shorts, skirts or kilts. 6 tops - t-shirts, shirts, blouses, or camisoles. 1 jacket - a tailored blazer, jeans-style jacket, sweater or shawl will do, as long as it looks right with everything else. * A dress will qualify as a top, if it can be worn with all the bottoms (tucked in or worn as a tunic) ** Recycled garments are fine, as long as the new item is entirely different than the original, such as old jeans made into a jacket, or a wool coat made into a skirt. Before and after pictures are required, if you do this. *All the tops must work with all the bottoms; and the jacket must work with everything. Dressier clothes require a dressier jacket, and vice-versa. Traditional clothing such as salwar kameez qualify, too. 2009 Twist: A wardrobe which reflects a week in your REAL LIFE. If you're a stay-at-home mom who lives in jeans and tees, that's what you'll be sewing. If you're a rock star who lives in zebra stripes and pink hot pants, that's what you'll be making. The finished wardrobe should consist of the pieces you'll be grabbing to wear for the rest of the year. Whether you work in an office, or spend your days eating bon-bons, your SWAP should reflect your current lifestyle and weight. All garments must be made between November 1/08 and April 30/09.

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