Sunday, February 1, 2009


Compliments of Mellin's Food Our Baby - Back I'm trying out a new site called "Flock" in order to download pictures more easily. Technology is certainly way ahead of my personal curve. But at age 66, I'm trying hard to keep my brain in shape. It's hard to say this, but I noticed a certain downward slide about 4 years into my marriage to Harold. This is when he started getting sick, and we did less and less together. Although I tried to stay active, it is depressing to love someone who is constantly in pain, or grumpy because he is hurting, or just generally not a happy person. So now in my widowhood I have determined to bring myself back up out of that --not black hole, let's call it a brown hole because it was not horrible--and get myself back to optimum health. I caught a little bit of a PBS show last night showing pictures of people's brains on alcohol, drugs, with Alzheimer's, etc. and it was horrifying. I want a healthy brain as well as a healthy body. So, technology, Spanish, back to museums and events. And back to tennis, swimming, and, hopefully, dancing. And sewing. And someday, once the market improves, flipping houses.

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