Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Terra Cotta Soldiers

Yesterday I went with a couple of girlfriends to the High Museum in Atlanta. The showcase exhibit is a part of the terra cotta army that was found in the grave of the First Emporer of China, Qin (pronounced "shin" and probably the origin of the name "China"). The exhibit was very high quality and an example to me of how the High has improved in recent years. At the same time there is an exhibit from the Louvre's treasures, but we didn't have time this trip. Apparently one day a month the museum gives free admission to a part of Atlanta, and yesterday it was Fulton County's turn--Fulton County incorporates the entire city of Atlanta--so the lines were tremendous. Worth the wait, though. Afterwards we went for dim sum, and I was again reminded that I hate dim sum. Yes, the day brought back memories of the summer I spent in China. I walked over the ground in Xian and never knew what lay beneath my feet. And I ate way too much dim sum while there.

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