Tuesday, December 22, 2009

30 Minutes A Day

Following Sumerset's idea, I'm going to try to sew 30 minutes a day. Now, I have tons of time available while she has a family, a job, and she probably cooks. However, I've found I really do a lot better if I have a structured schedule. Thirty minutes to sew, thirty minutes to clean house, and one hour to work on the painting/sheetrock/plastering in my family room. I'm hoping that the 30 minute thing expands, of course. My latest idea is to move my sewing upstairs to the dining room table for cutting out and the kitchen table for sewing. So stupid when I have a lovely sewing room all set up in the basement. The trouble is, I hate to go down to the basement to sew. Silly, huh? I'm working on this Kwik Sew jacket for now. This is just inexpensive fleece from JoAnn's, but it has a separating zipper so a little bit of a learning curve. I wear a lot of warm ups, between tennis and swimming, so I'd like to get very competent at making them, then on to flouncy skirts for dancing class.

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