Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been watching (again) a favorite CD, "The House of Elliott". The clothes are amazing, and many still would look fashionable today. There's a coat in the last scene that I'm for sure going to copy one day. So this got me thinking about my (supposed) fashion sense.
One of my favorite blogs is "The Selfish Seamstress". I'm going to quote from a recent post: " I started to wonder: What are the garment projects that hobby sewers undertake because they want to engage in the making rather than because the end product itself is chic? What are the things we make that ultimately only another sewer would find cool? What is our version of the patchwork quilt vest?"

As usual, with many of my fellow sewists' posts, this resonated with me, especially because of the aforementioned coat in "The House of Elliott". It has elaborate soutache trim detail on the sleeves and collar. I love to sew, and I love couture. But I would never wear an "art project" garment, even though I totally appreciate the art and effort that go into such garments. I don't like asymetrical jackets, drapey, floaty, chiffon-y tops that are supposed to disguise one's figure, fishtail hemlines, and so on. I suppose my tastes were set in the sixties: Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. Classic is my style, and classic it shall remain. But that coat....that coat was an art project.

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