Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wardrobe in a week

WIAW is a little contest thought up by some sewing participants in "Artisan's Guild", a website I follow closely. The idea is, obviously, to sew four garments in one week. Quite a challenge for me, who usually takes a month to sew one thing. (In my defense, I am replastering a fireplace wall and repairing, then repainting, the ceiling and the fireplace.) However, I've moved my sewing machine up to the kitchen table and I plan to cut on my dining room table, thus removing the necessity of going to my basement and sewing. I'm going to participate in this contest and challenge myself to finish two warmup suits (4 garments--two tops and two bottoms). I need them, I have the fabric, and the fireplace will be there for a long time. I anticipate feeling very good about finishing two badly needed outfits and getting rid of those large piles of fleece in my stash. The only problem is I have to put aside the Jalie top I've been puzzling over. I have two of them cut out and can't figure out how to put them together...I hate UFOs and I hate wadders even more. Maybe my brain will work better when I have on a new sweatsuit.

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