Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nina Pictures

For all of Nina's friends and family who have been checking out the progress of my video, I apologize for some glitches that have caused it to fail on this site. At the moment my progress has had to stop and I've turned it over to my son in Baltimore to complete. I'm not entirely happy with the music and I've had to stop adding photos (sorry, MaryLynn) because I just could not burn to a DVD disc. So Patrick is making sure everyone gets a disc with what I had done before my computer just refused to do any more! Meanwhile, here's a slideshow of some of the family pictures. You can see that several are repeats. That's my fault, and one of the reasons the DVD had to be turned over to a younger brain!
UPDATE! My son saw this and assures me we can redo the DVD in time for the memorial party, add all the pictures and hopefully get some better waltzes in there.

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