Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planning for after the cruise

I'm already planning what to sew when I return from the cruise.  After going to the ballroom dance a couple of weeks ago I faced the fact that I really enjoy these dances, even without a partner, but I have nothing that fits me anymore.  After really looking at my dreaded croquis, I'm aware that very few styles will look good on me.  So I think I'll use this as an inspiration.  I need princess lines for the bodice, and an A-line skirt.  I'll make a two piece dress with similar lines to this Vogue pattern, but less a suit jacket than a shell.  I saw some gorgeous fabrics at Gail K's on Sunday, so I'll make a couple of spring shells and skirts and then spring into a new level of sewing:  evening wear!  Note to self:  bring those buttons to Gail K's for shopping...maybe I will do the suit jacket look after all.

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