Saturday, July 3, 2010

TNT blouse

I'm tweaking this blouse to be a TNT pattern.  The fit isn't perfect, yet, but close.  It has a back zipper (I find I'd just as soon sew a zipper in by hand than fiddle with my zipper foot) but really doesn't need a zipper at all.  The pants were supposed to go with the "Heart's A Flutter" shell but I've given up on that one.  I have a category of clothes I call "desperation" which means that I don't want to wear something really ratty, but on the other hand don't want to wear something that will need ironing or cleaning after I wear it---running errands, for instance.  The HAF has gone into that closet.  If I don't wear it during it's visit there, then I'll send it to Goodwill.  This little top fits much better and is, in fact, easier to make, so guess that's the TNT blouse for me.

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Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like this one on you and hope that you do use it again and again!