Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Sewing

Not a terrific picture, but this is the Halloween costume for DGD, who is SEVEN years old this Halloween and deserves a very special costume (a lady Vampire).  The material used in the cloak was the inspiration for the entire outfit--I just had to have this black velvet with purple sparkles.  Then I found the deep purple taffeta for the main gown and the overlay of spiderweb lace that changes colors from purple to silver.  I'll get some pictures when I arrive.  The family lives over 600 miles away, so fitting is something of a challenge.  I have no closures on the back of the blouse, until I fit it on her.  The pattern called for a dress, but I made it in two pieces for the same fit questions.  I plan to drive up, taking two days as usual, and stop to pick up my sister at the airport.  She's flying in from Texas for the big holliday celebration.  My son loves Halloween and goes all out with his decorations so this will be a great time for everyone, I'm sure.

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Audrey said...

What fun fabrics. She is going to be a gorgeous lady vampire. Be sure and post pictures