Friday, December 10, 2010

Sewing on a Diet

I have no new sewing related iems to show because I'm struggling with a new challenge:  my diet!  Losing weight has also meant I have no clothes to wear that fit anymore.  My sewing has been consisting of learning to alter my current clothing, because I don't want to invest a lot of time in something that (hopefully) won't fit in a couple of months.  I am convinced that every ten pounds I lose means I go down one size in clothing.  I had to actually purchase a dress to wear to the big Christmas dance tonight.  I must say, it's spectacular and it will be a bear to alter, but I figure I can downsize it a little.  The advantage is that I bought it from a local consignment shop.  Since my sister started her consignment shop five years ago I've learned the virtues of shopping this way.  The dress I bought is new, and probably was originally priced at $500-$600 and I got it for a hundred bucks.  If you're ever in Lubbock, Texas, stop by LeChic Boutique and check out the bargains!

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