Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy Peasey

I made a quick pair of pants for an upcoming weekend trip and was contemplating tackling a much needed swimsuit when I had a conversation with a fellow dancer. She mentioned carrying her dance shoes with her (we're going to Florida together for the weekend and hope to find some ballroom dancing). I casually mentioned that I could make her a little bag for her shoes. Sometimes one forgets how easy it is for sewists, and how magical it can seem for someone who does not sew. She had no idea I could do such a thing. The whole bag took about 15 minutes, start to finsih. It's pretty sparkly, as we dancers all love our bling. I made it out of the same fabric as my grandaughter's Halloween cloak, and I've also made a long sleeve top out of the same remnants. I thought the fabric was expensive, but now I've gotten 3 items from it, so in the end I believe it was a bargain!
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