Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Process of Learning

I love to learn new things. At my age, I'm hoping it will keep Alzheimer's at bay! But I wish I had learned bodice drafting a long time ago. My couture sewing group will be spending most of the year's meetings on learning to correctly fit a pattern, something I've been struggling with for several months now. I now have extensive instructions on drafting a bodice pattern to fit the measurements we took at the meeting today. This is serious stuff for me as it involves precision, math, and as the instructor noted with a laugh, a little basic trig! As a liberal arts major, trig is of course as foreign to me as Mandarin and I'm not a really precise person when it comes to tiny little increments in measurements. However, I plan to really try this time as it seems to me the payoff will be wonderful. The basic bodice, when complete, will still be without such necessities as seam allowances, wearing ease, and so forth, that I will need to remember to add. And, of course, it was heavily emphasized that even with all of the above one still needs to make a muslin. No wonder my bodice of five muslins still doesn't fit. And, the topper on my particular sundae is that everyone was appalled when I confessed that I was using a size 16 pattern. They knew what I did not...the pattern started out 4 sizes too big. Learning, for me, is always an expensive proposition and usually comes very late in the day. But still, I continue to love to learn new things!
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