Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alterations are a PITA

One of the things we did in Florida was visit a couple of consignment shops. I may have mentioned a few dozen times that my sister owns a consignment shop in Lubbock, Texas (LeChic Boutique, ya'll!), so I've learned what bargains they have. I found this gown ---or rather, my brother-in-law found it. What a guy! Not only did he uncomplainingly go shopping with the girls, he has a professional, and talented, eye for color and he plucked this right off a crowded rack. Nothing could reproduce the rich burgandy red of this gown, but it is beautiful. Unfortunately it was also a size 6. However, it came with a matching stole, so I brought it home with me. It would have been easier to make a gown. Not only was it about ten inches too small in the bust, it was four inches too long. That means the gown, the lining, the interlining, the double net crinoline. The stole provided plenty of extra material for gussets, and I was able to salvage enough that I still have an adequate stole. Although I would not want anyone to look too closely at the alterations, it now fits. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow with me wearing it, but I'm not sure I'll have the time. I'm guessing it will take at least half an hour to get into the undergarment and the dress, since they all fit very tightly and close up the back. Then I wear it driving to the Valentine's Dance. Hmmmm. I'm seriously thinking of taking it all with me and getting someone to assist in the Ladies'. I'm definitely taking needle and thread, just in case.. ETA:  the top picture is of me actually at the dance.  The dress was a qualified success.  Everyone admir ed it, because of course nobody there sews.  However I had to topstitch it to the bra (yes, I remembered to take needle and thread.  You can see the faint white line of the bra where I had to tack it---the picture showed the need).  Silly me, it never occurrred to me until I wore it a couple of hours, that adding gussets under the arms should also require adding more boning.  At the very end of the dance I shed the whole outfit and wore the (fortuanately also sparkly, but very comfortable) dress I wore while driving to the dance.
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Jane M said...

You look beautiful and happy in this lovely red dress. yes, alterations are awful but so worthwhile.

Audrey said...

You look so pretty in the dress. It is definately a great color and style for you. I can't say I enjoy alterations much.