Thursday, February 17, 2011

Press n Seal Dress

My son sent me a favorite dress of my granddaughter's. She's outgrown it, but they thought I could copy it and expand it just a little. Diva that she is, she objects to bulky seams against her skin. Diva that I am, I object to seams on the outside of a garment. I did the Press and Seal copy of the dress that was successful with a previous blouse and tried to enlarge it just enough. I'm afraid the neckline is too big (I have a lot of trouble with necklines and this, I'm afraid, is no exception). However, this dress is really just a first effort and I have a couple of cute knits ready for a second and third version once I see pictures of this yellow dress on her. For this dress I encased the inside seam joining the skirt to the bodice (serged) with a satin ribbon to allieviate the scratch factor against her waist, but I think she will still object. So I may have to serge the bodice to the skirt on the outside of the next try. We'll see how it goes. It's off to the post office tomorrow or the next day, so in a week or so I should have pictures and my report card.

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