Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Muslin Class

I spent most of yesterday with members of my ASG group in a muslin fitting class. I learned so much! Mostly what I learned is how little I know...I was the least experienced sewer in the room. I've sewn for many years but have rarely taken lessons. When I was young and in my first marriage, I sewed a lot. But everything fit right out of the envelope and it never occurred to me that there were professionals out there teaching (and I lived right outside of New York City!) Of course I had a young child and I doubt, at that time, and in that social millieu, I could have, or would have, gone to FIT or any of the awesome opportunities that exisited outside of my zone. Then came the period of my life as a single parent with one, and sometimes two, demanding jobs and little time or interest in sewing. It truly seems that every cloud has a silver lining. When my dear Harold was so ill that I had to stop working and be near home, I returned to my former hobby of sewing. As usual, Harold was unblieveably supportive and bought several expensive items for my sewing room---which was formerly his "game room"---he even gave his room up to me! And so I have been sewing since. Once I discovered the vast resources of the Internet, and through that the concept that I was not alone in enjoying this hobby, I have become more and more serious about this interest. So this year I've decided to take every opportunity I possibly can to improve my skills. Fitting a pattern is the basic beginning step, and I've made a beginning with this class. My teacher and fellow students are all so supportive and knowledgeable.

 But of course there is always a little "skip in my step". I ran from this class to meet my girlfriends for dinner and a show at the Fox Theatre. "Burn the Floor"! It was wonderful, and if you get a chance to see it, go! Then tonight a party and meeting my BMF (best male friend) for dancing, and first thing tomorrow I leave for the beach. I return Monday night and back to the final muslin class Tuesday morning, by which time I will have forgotten everything I learned and had no time to do my homework...
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Jane M said...

Oh, I love a sewing class for the support, camraderie and general fun with people who "get it." Sounds like you've had a wonderful time. So happy for you.