Monday, July 11, 2011

SureFit Designs Wearable Muslin

IMG_1173   I’ve finished the second muslin (which is quite wearable)  for my SureFit Designs basic dress, except I made it as a top and skirt.  The next one will definitely be a dress, because who wants to put on two items of clothing when one will do?  Two zippers, a restricting (moderately restricting, anyway) waistband, two hems.  I fail to remember just why I decided to make it this way, and then of course I had it in the closet before I remembered I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks.  Life’s intervened;  I actually am back to “working”.  I’ve kept my real estate license and now my in-laws are thinking of moving to Georgia and I’ve been previewing houses for them.  I forgot how much fun it is, but it’s also surprisingly tiring.  I probably drive 125 miles a day, getting lost quite a bit.  They want to move to a city 35 miles from me.  Although I’ve sold there before, it’s been years and I have forgotten how to get around.  So by the time I get home I’m not interested in sewing.  But of course I still poke around on the web and signed up for Gerties  new class…   Check it out, she is amazing.

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