Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vinyl fabric

IMG_1186I have to keep posting my fabrics here in order to get a web address for them for my Artisan’s Square posts.  For some reason my Fickr account is messed up and Picasa has an issue with Windows 7.  So I’m posting them to the blog, where I can copy the address for questions to my sewing groups.  Today’s question involves this fabric.  It’s a very lightweight fabric but of course waterproof.  I think it will be perfect for my trip to China.  Very packable.  So it appears I've found my color scheme for the 6-pac capsule that Artisan’s Square is planning.  The trouble is, of course, the pattern for a cape or short rain jacket.  Not too many seams, probably patch pockets, and easy closure.  Sewing on an unfamiliar fabric is going to be just another challenge in a life full of them…I've found this Vogue pattern by Sandra Bettzina (#1097) that is somewhat a possibility:

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