Monday, August 22, 2011


I've been down for a couple of days since I got back from my vacation.  The only thing I ate during the road trip home was a veggie sandwitch at a McAllister's Deli.  I'm convinced someone didn't wash the lettuce.  This morning I was forced to go to the grocery, not for me, but for the cat, who was totally out of food and doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.  I did wash and dry the knits I bought at MaryJo's and they are hanging on the stairwell to take down to my sewing room.  I really would like to sew a couple of Christine Jonson tees before I go back to wrestling with the bodice adjustment on my SureFit pattern.  I've been reading threads about how to solve the problem of a large FBA (Palmer/Plesch style)  but I'm not entirely sure they will work out for me.  When I made this pattern it was huge across the neckline.  So for today I'm left with uploading a video of the grandkids "surfing".  But of course it's too large to load here so you'll have to take my word for how awesome they are.

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