Friday, August 5, 2011

And ta da! Here it is.


IMG_1195I promised in my last post to remember to take a picture of my latest dress and believe it or not, I remembered to snap this before running out the door to meet a girlfriend for dinner and bring her with me to a local dance.  She’s also a member of the Atlanta Sewing Guild and one of the first things she said was I needed to take a little dart in the pattern neckline.  Sewists!  My dance friends would be all agog that I made my dress, but Barbara, not so much.  How funny we all are, but the good news is Barbara had a very good time at her first dance since she was widowed many months ago.


Audrey said...

It is beautiful, and the fit is wonderful.(I clicked on the photo to get it full size. Where does your friend want you to put a dart?) And it is a very flattering style and color on you. I'll bet the dress had lovely movement when you were dancing. Love the embroidered flowers.

Jane M said...

I'm a "long distance sewing internet friend" and I think the fit looks wonderful! Lovely and feminine for dancing as well.