Monday, August 15, 2011

One More

Since I'm just sitting around waiting for DGD's next adventure ("Scrapbooking for Kids"---I like to think she's inheirted my artistic bent) I thought I'd go ahead and mention Gretchen Hersch.  She's an amazing seamstress.  I've signed up for her class on a "bombshell dress" but haven't even started yet, because I'm still working on perfecting the bodice and skirt of SureFit Desgins.  Does it sound like I go around in circles?  But I'm determined, even though I think it will be this time next year before i can get those TNT patterns perfected.  Anyway, Gertie has a new series on TV and has generously mentioned they can also be found on You Tube.  In this segment, she shows how to make a vintage circle skirt.  Shall i mention this is perfect for my other hobby, dancing?

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