Thursday, March 8, 2012

Warm up suit

 Adding to my tennis "six pack" challenge going on at Stitcher's Guild, I completed this warm up suit.  The picture was taken by DBF, who as you can see from the foreshortening, is quite a bit taller than I am, as well as a "cough" novice photographer.  Traning is indicated.  But I do have a smile on my face---take note, family member who has been critical in the past!  I'm in my stocking feet because I really wanted to be in my pajamas.  But I knew that if I took a picture of this warm up in use, I would be sweaty, no makeup, hair a wreck.  In other words, a picture of how I look much of the time, I'm sorry to say.  I was going to sew again this evening.  Much of my Thursday evenings are devoted to watching "Project Runway All Stars" and sewing.  It seems to be the one program on television I watch anymore, but it does inspire me to sew.  Tonight however, I just vegged on the sofa and watched away.  I have to finish one of the tennis skirts that was put away for lack of enough fabric.  Fortunately Gail K's had some left and I picked up another half yard.  But since I left it behind a couple of weeks ago,  I'm no longer so inspired by that project.  However, I'm playing in two matches next week so I need to get busy.
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