Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to the Future

A word about my past. I was, ages ago, a journalist of sorts. I worked for a minor daily newspaper, and at a very minor post for Newsweek Magazine. Back in those days, if you got pregnant, you quit working, no question! So that ended my journalism "career". But I've always had an enormous respect for reporting without bias. I've always revered The New York Times, for instance. But today I came across a blog that eviserates a column in The Times in a way that is thoughtful and, seems to me, accurate. It's a piece regarding the e-book,, Apple etc. brouhaha. And I believe it shows, paragraph by paragraph, a Times' columnist indulging in a vicious slanting of perspective unworthy of journalism...unless you are a viewer of "Faux News". Of course The Times can be wrong, but slanted? Oh, oh. Of course this attitude of mine is tinted with the annoyance I have because now the online version only lets you read ten articles per month without charge.

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