Sunday, April 29, 2012

What sewing does (to) you

This dress, in the photo, looks as wide as it is long, which makes me wonder just how really overweight I am. Nothing says it like a photo. Of course the hem is stiffened with horsehair braid, making it stand out, but still! A couple of weeks ago I was moaning about how bad some photos of me were, that a friend took of Henry and me dancing. Well, this is again a reminder that I need to get serious about dieting (I just had a chocolate ice cream after lunch.) It's so hard to be disciplined when such discipline was never needed in my youth, and I have new empathy for those who struggle with weight gain all their lives...I hope to wear it tonight for Henry's and my first evening out since he got ill. We're going down to the "57th" here in Atlanta if he feels like it. There's going to be a serious "Big Band" playing oldies there. We won't dance, but it will be great to see some friends and listen to some good music. If I do get to wear it I'll try to take pictures then and see if I look as round as I feel right now.

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