Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In progress

I thought I'd document some progress being made down in the sewing room. It's no secret that I'm making the same dress over and over, just changing the fabric, neckline, and some details. In this version I've added short sleeves. Here's the bodice about to be attached to the skirt. Melding two patterns together (skirt from Simplicity, bodice from SureFit) is not as easy as one might presume. I'm working hard to get the pleats in the right place, but I'm not even trying to match the crazy pattern. The fabric is a very heavy cotton stretch and I added a knit interlining from Peggy Sagers in an effort to keep it from wrinkling. What I didn't realize was that the resulting fabric would be so heavy. I got tired of wrestling it around this afternoon so it is quietly resting on a hanger until I feel like approaching it with a fresh, critical eye. The next time I make this dress will be in a much lighter weight fabric, a much more sophisticated grey. I plan to bring them all to Texas and let my sister make the final cut.

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