Saturday, July 28, 2012

Admiring Other Bloggers

Catching up today on other blogs I admire, I immediately ran over to Jane M's blog to see what she has been up to. Like me, she likes to find a TNT pattern and make it several times. She's also in my general age group (I'm being very kind to myself) and I like the style of clothing she much so that I'll probably steal a lot of her ideas! She also likes to read and I'll use some of her suggestions for my library, too. I seem to be stuck on certain authors as well as certain patterns, but I rarely post about the books I've read since I feel that if you like those authors, you read them, and if you don't, you don't. I have every book written by certain authors---Daniel Silva, Lee Child, Brian Haig, etc. But they are all a certain type of oeuvre and, although best sellers, not for everyone. So I'll leave that subject and return to the wedding with yet another picture...the dress I made to wear to the wedding. My posture is a disaster. I myself took about 550 pictures to make a DVD for the bride and her family, but of course none of me. This I picked up from a friend and, while it is far from flattering, proves I did finish the dress. Well, oops, I realize that I had already posted that picture last night, proving just how tired I really was. Oh well, now I've posted it twice, which is about right for how long it took to make, after all. So I also uploaded a picture of my sister and me, just for fun. I'm wearing the blue top I posted about a couple of weeks ago. We're at Rosa's, where we went every single day when I was in town, and I would eat there every single day if I could. Yum!


KC said...

It's a beautiful dress, well worth posting twice!

Jane M said...

Carol, you look beautiful in this dress. I bet the full skirted ones look terrific on the dance floor as well as on you. Thanks so much for the kind words. Since you're becoming a Sure Fit quenn I wish we lived closer so I could get some expert fitting tips.