Friday, August 10, 2012

Other Interests

I have been sewing, but a frustrating experience I will document a little later. Let's just say I was determined to not wind up with a wadder, and I'm adding darts, ripping seams, and all the other things we sewers don't always talk about. Meanwhile I've also been working on something that I, at least, consider a creative endeavor. I'm making a DVD slideshow of the wedding I attended last month. That may not seem much to some, but I love to do the things and have made countless of them...they make a nice wedding gift. In this case, since it was my niece, I pulled out all the stops and ordered a new copy of Photodex and having been fussing with it for several weeks now. I have around 700 pictures. Many I took, but this young generation posts so many on Facebook and I was able to lift a lot from there. It's not a short show...I've divided it into two DVDs, one for the rehersal and rehersal dinner, and one for the wedding and reception. The wedding disk is 43 minutes long...hopefully it won't bore anyone. First, it's only for the family, and second, I've included just about every transition, effect, and gadget that Photodex allows in the basic version. Then I'll print up some pretty labels and case covers and ship them off!

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