Friday, August 17, 2012

The "make it work" dress

Nearly everything that could go wrong with this dress went wrong. The ruffles at the bottom were added because the dress was too short (it still is, a little bit). I know they look a little milkmaid, but I think it will be okay for the dances I attend. One shoulder has a ruffle because it was seriously distorted from all the darts and alterations I had to make to the bustline. The neckline came out all right even though I just chalked a line and cut it lower. Tomorrow I'll try it out for a dance we're scheduled to attend. We were also supposed to go to an American Legion dance tonight but both of us were a little too tired, so I was able to finish it up while watching reruns of Project Runway to give me a much needed impetus to "make it work!"


KC said...

I think this qualifies for the Design Outside the Lines refrain: "Even better!"

Shelley Hesson said...

You definitely made it work. I love the ruffles. Let us know how it behaved during the dance. By the way, I also love watching Project Runway reruns while I'm cutting and sewing. Great inspiration.