Monday, September 17, 2012

I spent quite a lot of time organizing my fabrics into my new storage unit. I was amazed as I pulled out bin after bin of "winter" fabrics. This is not even all of them! I'd forgotten some beautiful stuff I have, and they are right at the top of my list now. I have so many jacket fabrics that on my to do list is a TNT jacket pattern...I pulled out my SureFit Designs book, and sure enough, Glenda has provided instructions on how to morph my TNT bodice blueprint into a princess-seamed jacket. But I also have that cruise coming up and need some dance dresses even more than I need jackets. Thanks to my sister, I have plenty of jackets. I reflected today, as I was leaving my usual Monday afternoon dance practice, that I'm dancing three times a week at a minimum. I'm also playing tennis twice a week. All that means I'm dressing for specific events five days a week, which in turn means I don't need a lot of "normal" clothes!

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